Daniel Day 10 – still

Fasting has not eliminated challenges. In fact, they may have increased. Fasting was not an escape into fluff and irresponsibility. My attitude has been surprisingly good. Perhaps, fasting is enabling me to do the work God has put in front of me. Life\’s purpose 3 was: Do the work. So, God has work for me. I never wanted it. I have always wanted to escape from life. I suppose if this fast has brought awakening to new life, I\’ll have to give up my ego\’s death wish…imagine that.

What surprises me somewhat, I have been reading many books on fasting and prayer written by evangelical Christians. Why? Hardly anyone else writes books on fasting and prayer. Since I wear the burlap mantle of the cross and profess to shamelessly follow Jesus, it seems appropriate to read whoever combines Christ and fasting. I will never be a purist when it comes to theology, though maybe tend in a certain direction. The Born Again Christians are just as sure of their enlightenment as the Buddhists. So, I learn from both. The Evangelicals are as sure of the presence of Christ in their worship and their faithfulness to Jesus\’ commandments as the Roman Catholics in their Eucharist. So, I learn from both.

Be still and know…


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