Daniel Day 30

I want to remember Love today. That is my intention and resolve. Jesus will help me to remember if I ask. I turn my thinking over to Jesus\’ guidance and I know I will remember.

I had a wonderful moment of clarity in my morning meditation today:

REALITY, not the ego world (of hate and judgment) most of us are conscious of, is the intangible world of Love. Love is the predominent mode of existence. Consistently deny the ego\’s perception of error in others; and you will be left only with Love. Be vigilant for Love; and know Heaven. The Kingdom of Heaven, REALITY, in within our minds and in all; we just need to be aware of Love instead of ego. My whole spiritual practice has the purpose of helping me to live in The Kingdom and not in the ego world.

Coming to work in the middle of the night and dealing with mud and smelly water is not so bad when I remember Love; and Love is everywhere. Love is the reality we forget to see or pretend not to see.


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