Morning Report

I got up at 3:30 and studied until 4:30. Then I fiddled with the new lap top: turning off Windows Messenger (I think it interfered with start up), and registering for my free Windows 7 upgrade.

Then I lifted weights. I thought the thunderstorms were hours to the west…not. After 30 minutes of low impact walk/jog, I came home drenched. I went to the treadmill for thirty minutes and then the rain had let up so I went back outside for 40 minutes.

My ankle doesn\’t hurt. But I am babying it with low impact and paved surfaces because I don\’t trust it. Also, the quad on the opposite side is still screaming as it bore the brunt of favoring the ankle during the race. The ankle was less swollen after a little exercise.

But I think my ultra career will no longer be carried out on trails. The romance of trails will be beyond me. I am not a tarahumara, but a Kansas plodder. That ankle has been tricky since I was a teenager; so I need to face facts. It is weak and no special trail shoes (outside of high tops) will help. Hummm, I wonder if those cheap high tops we wore for basketball as kids are still available. 😉

I sought ultrarunning for the transcendence of it. I still seek transcendence. It will have to be found in a solitary venue; running around the park with no particular reward and no witnesses.

If I am lucky, the next few days are supposed to be cool and I can head out for a long low impact run on the flat dirt. Dang…I just love this. I don\’t know why. It is not as if there is no associated pains or fatigue; and no bright lights of nirvana.


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