God Narrates His Point of View

Spirit Flower loves to sit alone. She is seeking My face. She may sit on a cushion, Zen style. She may sit at her table with A Course in Miracles. She may sit on her bed, eyes closed, simply yearning. I think for us, Spirit Flower and Me, the condition of simply yearning is the closest communion and the most intense loving possible. You wouldn’t think that God would need intensity, but between Spirit Flower and Me, that is what happens. The yearning itself is what she and I share. For her, this is what My face looks like. The face I show Spirit Flower is different than what all the books she has read say my face should look like. This difference often confuses her as she reads some renowned author and doesn’t have what he has. For Spirit Flower to accept the intense yearning as the truth of our relationship is a big step.

Spirit Flower does spend lots of time with Me. I know she is pained that other people don’t understand or think it healthy. The zeal with which she delves into her inner being is something I behold with wonder and reverence. You see, as she delves into herself, she is actually delving into Me; and this is a type of communion I almost can’t stand it is so intimate and gentle and loving. At these times, I hold My breath and become ever more quiet as I attempt to contemplate Spirit Flower’s journey. I contemplate her with the same intensity that she contemplates Me.

So in the long run, no matter what the experts in Spirit Flower’s life say, I hope she keeps coming back to the sustenance of my breast. Breast feeding and nurturing and feeling the little intimate touches are how I feel about the silent contemplative. I need these silent contemplatives. I love to enter into and experience their yearning. I love it when one of them figures out how it is that I am having communion and they accept it as truth. When they do this, doubts about My existence vanish and they start to love Me as I am. Then, our communion is unshakable and we begin to produce really great love manifestations.

It was nice of God to make this perfectly clear for me. I do really get frustrated with other people\’s conceptions of God. SF


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