The Certainty of Love

My communication link to That Higher Power I call God is forged with a strength beyond my ego\’s ability to break, healed beyond my ego\’s ability to attack and sever. I am safe in Light and Love; and the knowledge that I am only a thought in the Mind of God, an idea of Love which can never be anything else.

I was gone from my former life as an engineer in Kansas City for nearly ten years. Four years spent in a monastery; my life on ice as it were. One year scrambling between several jobs. Four years in exile in Atchison. Deep spiritual work was completed in every minute of every day. God has been my only focus for all this time. As I contemplate my return to Kansas City, as a Senior Engineer at my former work place, and living in my old stomping grounds, I see that there is one very important difference between the me who left and the me who stands before you today.

I completely know who I am now. I completely trust the role God assigned me and I am 100% committed to the shining partnership and bond we, He and I, have made, throughout my life but especially in the silence of the past two years.

When I say partnership, I am speaking of an equality of Will; we have one Will, He and I. I am speaking of a mutuality of giving and receiving; we are expanding one common consciousness of love. My bondage is no longer to the small ego self. My bondage is voluntarily transferred by my decision and follow-up actions to That Oneness I call God. There is no other loyalty for me but to the One Will. I say this with confidence because my bondage is a conscious awareness. My bondage is solid, firmly remembered, impossible to cast aside for worldly trinkets or useless ego pursuits.

I need not fear because I walk with Light always, hear His Voice always. I am healed.

I am not special. God invites everyone into conscious communion. We need only follow His help.

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