My life has shifted from three months of running and contemplation to a flurry of moving, getting ready to start a new job, changing information, filling out paper work, etc. The inspiration for a blog entry hasn\’t been there. So here is an odd list:

I somehow ran 51 miles last week, with a 16 mile run on Sunday. The Sunday run went well as far as my legs go so I decided to really rest this week and then have fun at the Heart of America marathon on Monday. Rational: I got laid off on 6/12 and ran a marathon on 6/13. Now, I\’ll run a marathon on 9/7 and go back to work on 9/8. See?

Walked 90 minutes in the upscale neighborhood across the street from my apartment. I loved the landscaping. I love beautiful things that other people pay for! (LOL)

Been buying some new oxford shirts and slacks. My new job is a little higher up the ladder than the last one.

Actual moving day is Wednesday. Finally I\’ll have my bed instead of an air mattress. I am really happy to stop being a home owner.

Now living where all my friends are, I\’m am reconnecting. I haven\’t had a friend in 5 years. But now, my best friend lives in the same apartment complex. I\’m going to Mass and coffee with my Godmother tomorrow. I went to a fellowship meeting last Sunday for the first time in awhile; and they promptly asked me to be the leader for the next few months.

Got a list of chemicals used in manufacturing in my new workplace. Dang name the top 50 nasties and they are on it. No wonder they needed a \”Senior Process Safety Engineer\” (me).

Been doing real well with not eating more than a carefully calculated calorie allotment.

I have been blessed with skills and talents. God is calling them forth. I am to live the spiritual life at more intense level than ever. My life is not my own. For awhile, I imagine I will be scrambling just to keep my head above water; but, the early morning God vigil never wavers in its regularity. I also stick strictly to an end of the day meditation and holy listening, along with writing Jesus a letter. I try to write what is in my heart.

I walk through each day in constant prayer: what should I do right now. I have practiced and am now able to sense the divine presence everywhere and in everything; even remembering to do this periodically during a busy day.



  1. Mark says:

    I am glad for you!! Back in town and already leading! God must be all over you!! Best wishes in the marathon!


  2. Unknown says:

    have a blast on monday – i will be thinking of you as you are flying through those 26.2 miles. much grace to you.


  3. Ultra Monk says:

    Thanks guys for the support!


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