Houston Reflection

This morning I am in Houston. The picture is from my high rise hotel. I am going to spend the day in meetings and then go back to Kansas City. I read from the ACIM text this morning (15.IX):

“If you would but let the Holy Spirit tell you of the Love of God for you…”

This little snatch of a sentence touched my heart and caused me to pause. I absolutely became conscious of the higher consciousness beyond my little ego. I stopped dead in my tracks and gave my entire attention to the higher. I sat quietly and listened. Trust welled up from inside. I was able to give over all my ego world fears and rest in God. I am safe. I am a thought in the mind of God.

I can live with my consciousness in the ego world, in fear of financial insecurity, illness or emotional upset and in anger at the rest of the stupid people; or I can live conscious of my true Identity in God. I get to choose. If I choose God consciousness, I have to give up all my petty ego thoughts. I have to tear my mind away from pre-occupation with me and my wants and needs. I have to keep it in the silence and listen to the Holy Spirit’s Voice.

My head is full of petty annoyances and judgments. I recognized and brought into the light all the little games and manipulations I want to enact at work in order to ensure my job. I can let these go. I can deny them any importance and return my mind to the peace and silence of the God consciousness. The pettiness is not real. It is my previous choice and now I choose again. I am willing to bring all the pettiness into the light of the Holy Spirit and let it be replaced with what He would have me think.

No exercise this morning. I was up late at dinner with \”the guys.\” My masseuse told me to take a day off anyway. My left ankle woke up ready to bend this morning thanks to the massage. I still can\’t decide whether to enter the Maryville marathon on 6/12.


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