This Ultra Life

Friday evening I drove 200 miles and began a 31 mile race, finishing around 7 am Saturday morning. Then, I downed a glass of protein, rinsed off in the shower, went commando style in my clean clothes, and drove the 200 miles home.

Yesterday afternoon, I ordered some new socks. The smartwool socks work great as far as preventing blisters, but they were too tight around the ankle; preventing good fluid flow and causing heat rash on my legs. Get this: the Lunar Trek night was barely over and I am planning the next race? I have run 2 ultra-marathons and 2 marathons this year; and plan on at least one more marathon and two ultras. What cheek?

I slept a good hard 10 hours last night. I woke up with the usual stiffness but no injuries. Am I too old for all nighters? Many people my age say that. It is an excuse. All but a few are tired after 7 hours of jogging, no matter what their age. I may or may not like staying up all night, but don\’t blame quitting on age. Blaming anything on age is a self sabotaging event and guarantees you get more of the deterioration. You\’ll continue to think you are powerless over \”aging\” yet it is your own thoughts which are creating and accelerating the process. I got my period today: a nice flow of bright red blood to remind me of youth!

I did a stretching/legs/core/free weight workout and 90 easy minutes on the ex-machines.

I worked on my diet spreadsheet to incorporate my trainer\’s latest suggestions.

My obsession with training and racing is not sick. It is an embrace of the Life, the Spark Which Enlivens All Beings. We all have it. For many it remains dormant and life is a drudge. Some find ways to embrace the energy and bring it forth in various ways. Mine happens to be fitness and endurance.



  1. Derrick says:

    Very well said!!!Note: Sounds like you've already ordered new socks but I'd highly recommend the DeFeet Trail 19 as an alternative to Smartwool…but are a similar weight.


  2. HollyV says:

    This weekend I'll be running in defeet ultralite wool socks as well… they were good for 50k so they should be good for 50 miles!what's the next race?


  3. Ultra Monk says:

    Socks: I just needed to get a size larger and the lower cut; mini-crew was too tight around the ankle (I often have this problem with socks). Smartwool was fine otherwise.Next race? Fallsburg Marathon, near Grand Rapids MI on August 14. then, I'm thinking I'll do another 50k on 9/11.


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