The First Answer to All Prayer…

….is silence.

Silence is the best, most loving and most respectful answer that God could give to His beloved creations.

Most of us fear silence and make crap out of it. Just think of how your doubts and false stories rise to the surface when you are \”confronted\” with silence. Silence is not loneliness, abandonment or contempt. Silence is not of this world. Silence is not a game or a co-dependent dance. Silence has no attachments. Silence can not be dis-illusioning.

Silence is an embrace. Silence is connection, communication and the deepest heart to heart intimacy. Silence has no barriers and is always naked. Silence does not lie and hides nothing.

I sit quietly in silence. I sit quietly with silence. My prayer is silent.

Silence is love. God is love. I am love.

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