Resolute Decision

No, I have not made a New Years resolution. Who has ever seen one of those succeed?

Resolute decisions always succeed. Decision making is powerful, the greatest power that I have. Strong decisions made with conviction are impenetrable. I have made a resolute decision.

So what I am I getting at? In about 9 days I\’ll be 52 years old. I have decided that this is not the year for me to lay down and die; or be comfortable and complacent like most 50 somethings I know.

So what?

OK, I have been on a 5 day endurance holiday. Yesterday I ran 27 miles. Today, I ran on trails for 4 hours. During this week, I have run 94 miles, done a few hours on the ex-machines, a few strength workouts and learned to use my new TRX suspension trainer. 2 weeks ago, on December 19, I ran a 3h51min marathon and qualified for Boston, beating the qualifying time by 15 minutes.

My decision is not to lay down and die now. If I go down, it\’ll be fighting.

I heard that there is an all night ultra-race in a park south of here next Friday night. Besides running the race on a trail in the dark, it has creek crossings. So my feet would get good and wet on a subzero night. I was thinking about this race and the problem of cold feet as I ran the trails of Parkville today. After about 2 hours, I realized that I was running right by a creek. Why not get your feet wet right now and see what its like?

Ok, so I left the cute little wooden bridge and dunked my feet in the cold water. I was wearing the two pairs of smartwool socks I would wear for the race so this was a good experiment. Well, your feet warm back up almost immediately and I noticed no signs of blisters even 2 hours and more dunkings later.

So, having faced the fear of wet cold feet, I pondered whether to go to the race. I realized that I was facing a series of mental road blocks; fears which are complete projections. And, I was praying my ACIM Creed, hoping to hear the Holy Spirit\’s guidance.

That was when the conviction struck me. I CANNOT let fear stop me now. It would mean death.

The race I plan to go in on Friday is by comparison with many adventures a very tame affair. Perhaps only a shy and conservative mature lady would think twice about it. But here I am faced with fears. So I am resolved not to die yet. Even if I only do 10k, or even if I walk half the night; I need to get out of my comfort zone. Here is my opportunity.

Say bah! to cold feet. Get them wet and realize it is nothing! Don\’t die.


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