Charleston Thursday – Off the Hook

Methylisocyanate. There, I said it. Phosgene. Thats the other bad word. I\’ve been wearing a phosgene badge all week, and arguing with people about what is acceptable for startup of the MIC unit.

I mentioned this morning how I\’ve had a relationship issue on my mind. Since Sunday, I\’ve had this low grade spiritual sickness of fear and guilt. This sort of mental problem is exactly what A Course in Miracles is good at. I\’d say that without the Course, I\’d be a flaming mess. And I am not a Course failure just because I am not perfect yet. I am a learner, and still dealing with blockages to the learning goal.

This evening, after skipping dinner and going to the hotel gym, I sat down and glanced at the Text 8.VII. My eyes brushed the most astounding paragraph: \”Do not allow yourself to suffer from imagined results of what is not true. Free your mind from the belief that this is possible. In its complete impossibility lies your only hope for release. But what other hope would you want? Freedom from illusions lies only in not believing them. There is no attack, but there is unlimited communication and therefore unlimited power and wholeness. The power of wholeness is extension. Do not arrest your thought in this world, and you will open your mind to creation in God.\”

The bolded part is what touched me. I remembered truth: this world is an illusion and it can\’t hurt me. It is impossible for me to be guilty because I haven\’t done anything (and neither have you). And, I get to freedom in God by thinking beyond this world (talk about thinking outside the box, eee gads).

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