LSD Saturday in Parkville

Luckily, I got home from my business trip at a reasonable time yesterday evening and even got in a workout. It is January in the mid-west. We are having a mid-winter thaw. Most of the snow is melted. I think I will try a long run today: jogging for hours.

I did my spiritual workout this morning. Yesterday\’s post included this line from 8.VIII of the text, \”You must have noticed an outstanding characteristic of every end that the ego has accepted as its own. When you have achieved it, it has not satisfied you. That is why the ego is forced to shift ceaselessly from one goal to another, so that you will continue to hope it can yet offer you something.\”

This line is why I don\’t either set running/racing goals or keep trying to do bigger and bigger challenges. Attaining such a goal is an ego decision and it only feels satisfied for a brief period before it wants more. On the other hand, I do achieve awesome race results when I let the Holy Spirit decide for me. I do the training and let go of the result. Or really, my focus is my desire for love-based thinking; and the Holy Spirit arranges for lessons in that.

I had a moment of love based thinking yesterday. I was sitting next to a young kid on the flight from Atlanta to KC. He seemed not to have been on an air plane before and was dressed in a typical young black stereotype. I helped him put his jacket up. I noticed during the flight he kept looking at his cell phone but I did not tell him to turn it off. As we got near landing he looked out the window and then turned to me with this marvelous look on his face and asked, \”Is that snow?\”

After landing, he got on his cell phone and talked to someone named \”Coach\” and gave a description of what he was wearing. I noticed he had on a Tiger sweat jacket. After hanging up, I asked him if he was going to Mizzou. He smiled proudly and said yes. I got all teared up like that was my own son. Even now, I teared up again. I am not separate from that young black kid who had never been out of Florida and was looking at going to college and playing football. I wished him luck.

Inside us, we have God\’s Majesty. So awesome to feel its power and magnificence. I can live in a world where all I see is this majesty. It manifests in a kid dreaming of football and a mature white lady with her career and running dreams. Its not the dream, but the spirit which is important.

So returning to the ACIM text, this morning I read this, \”When you lay the ego aside, it will be gone. The Holy Spirit’s Voice is as loud as your willingness to listen.\”

I keep learning to listen to the Holy Spirit. He is the Voice for God. He speaks quietly and second, after the ego\’s shouting and insistent urging.

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