Snow Day – I Feel So Good

I got up at my usual time. There is an unusually bad snow storm predicted for this area today. I have my work computer at home and will stay here.

First I jog on the treadmill for 30 minutes. Then, I move into my bedroom. There, I have a TRX hanging in the closet door, a step platform and a mini-trampoline. I work with the TRX for 15 minutes doing several suspended lunge exercises and some upper body strength work. Then, I strap weights on my ankles and wrists. I go to the step platform. Every time I step up, I raise my arms over head; forward back forward back and the side to side to side to side for 5 minutes. Then, 5 burpees. Then onto the mini-trampoline for 5 minutes. Than back to the step platform, then the burpees, then the min-trampoline again (20 minutes total). Then back to the treadmill for another 55 minutes. I\’ve just had a two hour workout while the snow came down. There will be another workout this afternoon, after I work all day.

I feel so good while working out. I dream of my next race: 12 hours about 7 weeks from now. There really isn\’t a substitute for running when training for an ultra-marathon, but I have no choice with the weather.

People wonder why I do this. I feel so good. I\’m 52 years old and dreaming of running 50 miles. All the other 50 somethings I know are thinking about their medications and their over-eating. I feel so good, so energized. I\’m dreaming of what it is like to run all night, how it feels. Yes, the legs hurt after awhile. I am in better shape this year than I was last year when I ran 80 miles at the same race. I can hardly wait.

In the mean time, in the quiet of my one bedroom apartment, with snow falling outside, I work out. I do endurance: ex-bike, nordic track, tread mill, TRX, step platform, mini-trampoline, free weights and core. I do it all. I feel so good.


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