High Performance Culture
Creative Thinking
Breakthru Thinking
Mindful Matters

Is this just a list of industry buzz words?

I seriously love these concepts. I love them in spiritual terms. I love them in terms of character description. They might play into my personal religion. They infuse me with power and inspire me to pour energy into my projects. It is the concept behind the words which drives me to go above and beyond. In that sense, these words represent my God.

Do I have a dearth or abundance of spiritual experience? I find the answer to my experience of life in William James (see below). I have spent my life dancing or posturing or fighting or loving an inner idea which I can\’t quite make mine.

The more I learn about our so-called God, the more I think my problem is that I want what someone else says they have.

More from William James and The Varieties of Religious Experience:
\”Churches when once established live at secondhand upon tradition; but the founders of every church owed their power originally to the fact of their direct personal communion with the divine….so personal religion should still seem the primordial thing. (38)\”

\”Religion….shall mean for us the feelings, acts and experiences of individual men in their solitude, so far as they apprehend themselves to stand in the relation to whatever they may consider the divine. (39)\”

\”Religion, whatever it is is a man\’s total reaction upon life…total reactions are different from casual…To get at them, you must go behind the foreground of existence and reach down to that curious sense of the whole residual cosmos as an everlasting presence, intimate or alien, terrible or amusing, lovable or odious, which in some degree everyone possesses. This sense of the world\’s presence, appealing as it does to our peculiar individual temperament, makes us strenuous or careless, devout or blasphemous, gloomy or exultant, about life at large; and our reaction, involuntary and inarticulate and often half unconscious as it is, is the completest of all our answers to the question, \”What is the character of the universe in which we dwell?\” (42)\”


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