Easter 2012 – Miracles

Today was a miracle day. I mean, wow, should not have happened.

At 3 am, I was awake. I decided that doing more running today was not a good idea so changed all the alarms (which had been set for 4:30). And slept til 7.

After getting up. I decided I felt pretty good. I decided to go to the park for a walk of undetermined length. It is a nice day but would still be very hot by noon. So, I get to the park about 8:35. The parking lot has the usual large quantity of cars belonging to runners.  

I walk across the parking lot and start in on my walk. After a couple of minutes, I wondered how jogging would feel. OK, a minute or two of slow jogging. A couple of minutes of walking. Lets try jogging again (couple three minutes). Ok, walk again.

Well, after about a mile of that, the jogging portion had turned into 3 minutes of race pace running. WTF? I mean FFS! What am I thinking? But, I look at times on the garmin and I see times between 8 and 10 min miles! So I actually kept that ridiculous pacing up for 15 miles, 3h03 (just about 5 mph average).

A 15 mile interval run after 22 miles on Friday and 20 miles yesterday. How did that happen? I should have been wasted already. So, Friday and Saturday were easy non-stressful miles but still….

Today was a real workout, but incredible.

Was it the titanium neck band? haha, I paid $35 for a titanium neck band. I bought it as a fashion statement on Thursday. I even tied 3 knots in the front for the holy trinity (me, myself and I).

I walked the 16th mile back to the car; not tempting my luck.

Then, my only chore on the way home was to buy gas. After entering my credit card, I was fumbling around with the nozzle and put my wallet on the back of the car. I remember thinking, \”Don\’t forget to get that after you get this nozzle in.\” Of course I forgot. Arriving home, I thought I needed to move the wallet from the car to my backpack only to discover it wasn\’t IN the car. Oh sh!T. I jump out of the car and look at the back…………………………..My wallet is still sitting there. PTL! Thank you, thank you.

This weekend, not counting Thursday eve, I ran 58 miles and worked out 14.3 hours. I wonder if I am ready for the Frisco 50k in 3 weeks?

One toe nail won\’t be making the trip.


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