Paper Throwers

Throughout the several decades of my running career, I\’ve been an early morning runner on suburban streets. You know who else is always out there? Guys delivering papers. They drive around swerving side to side and throwing papers out either side of the car.

This morning was another early morning run in swampy air and temps. But I jog pretty easy and its not a problem that early. Yesterday, it clouded up in the late afternoon so I was able to go outside for a 5 mile walk. Despite seeming set-backs with my left heel and ongoing shoe/insole experiments, I am up to 96 miles for June.

I\’m getting closer to clicking submit on Merrill\’s Mile. I still want to figure out how to stay on my feet for 24 hours. Work commitments will keep me from doing it at Ultracentric. So Merrill\’s Mile is my last chance until 2013.


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