Salvation of My Bacon

Freedom (free from thought prison)

Looking beyond (this illusion)

Disregarding (the ego\’s voice)

Ideas from A Course in Miracles which save my emotional bacon. If I listen to the inner yammering of the ego and it\’s opinion of me, I\’m totally in a mental prison of self hate and fear of others.

\”The Holy Spirit leads you steadily along the path of freedom, teaching you how to disregard or look beyond everything that would hold you back.\” (8.II.__)

This week has been an interesting week in Seabrook with the weather. When I walk out of work at 3 pm in Baytown, the sky is mostly clear and it feels hotter than blazes. At 5:30 in Seabrook, I notice that the sky is mostly cloudy and there is a breeze. Going outside, it doesn\’t feel too bad. So I have had 2 evening long mileage sessions in Brummerhop park this week. Furthermore, I\’m not the only one over there doing laps.

I am in the mood to do a great Friday night workout. But it should be a low impact cross training workout. I think I can. Endurance is endurance regardless of what it consists of.

I do balance exercises standing on one leg on a thick piece of foam and  moving around so that balance tries to be upset. I usually want to hurry up and get these done. But, balance cannot be done quickly. There is a conflict between hurry up and balance. How very Zen.

I still want to go to Merrill\’s Mile. I\’m sure \”click submit\” will happen soon. On Sunday, the 3,100 Mile Self Transcendence Race begins for 2012. I can\’t wait for Uptal\’s blog to get started again; so inspirational. Maybe I\’ll start my own self transcendence retreat for the 52 days. An ultra-runner\’s Easter.

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