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Not bling!

I\’m going in a half marathon while I am in Colorado. But I\’m not going to Colorado to run a race. I\’m going there to spend time on my feet at 9,000 feet, 11% humidity and beautiful mountains. Time on my feet develops into a meditation. The meditation embraces that inner strength. I become one with Love.

I just bought one of these to wear when I workout:

This hachimaki headband features a rising sun and the kanji for Toukon – made up from the Japanese characters meaning ’fight’ and ’spirit’ or ’soul’. Ideal for martial artists, athletes and demonstrators.

Japanese hachimaki are thin cotton strips tied around the forehead. Originally worn at festivals to ward off evil spirits, they also serve the purpose of keeping hair and perspiration out of the wearer’s eyes.

Hachimaki also help the wearer to gather his/her spirits and show determination and resolve.

The 3,100 miles self transcendence race is 2 days down. Yesterday my own race was a little short as I went to see Dr Torture who does ART/Graston on my left heel. Today so far: I got out of bed on time, did my early spiritual study and then 74 min of ex-bike, elliptic and running outside.

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  1. Hi, I came to your blog via Utpals Blog. I just started to read some of your post; I like them and I just got the RSS feed. I ran the 3100 Mile Race the Last 3 years and I guess you read about me then. However it seems that you have some trouble with your heel. I wanted to share this blogpost about Plantar Fasciitis with you: post is from Ultra Runner and Founder of ChiRunning, Danny Dreyer. I work as a ChiRunning Instruktor here in Germany and I have seen many amazing results with heel, shin knee and other problems runners might have. They are often caused my incorrect running technique. Greetings and good luck. Purna-Samarpan


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