Early Morning Run

Its 84F/29C and 74% humidity outside. While Missouri summers are bad, they are nothing like a Houston summer. I haven\’t worn a shirt for my early morning runs for several weeks. I just put the reflector vest over my sports bra.

This morning, I was just doing low impact walk/jog for 80 minutes. I was happy to make it out of bed on time and consequently have time for a long meditative session outside.

I disagree with Uptal\’s Perfection Journey blog today. He says, \”Not coming [to the 3,100 Mile Race] means a summer safely removed from intense  physical suffering but also one in which true inner satisfaction and self fulfillment  is almost entirely eliminated as well.\”  ( http://perfectionjourney.org/2012/06/26/june-26-my-choice/  )

I spend much time contemplating self transcendence. For me, it is over coming the daily ego sludge which tries to stop me at every turn. By ego, I mean the definition from A Course in Miracles; which is the separation belief which made this delusion of a world. True inner satisfaction comes from overlooking the ego thought system and seeing the truth beyond. Some people need to run 3,100 miles to have this. Others of us need only get out of bed and sit in a chair.

For myself, it is not only getting out of bed, but working happily in a chemical plant with colleagues from around the world.

I\’ve been in Texas 8 months. Yesterday, I was talking on the phone and I noticed that I said fahve instead of five (5), twice. In fact, I can\’t say it northern anymore.

This morning, after entering my weight into Livestrong.com tracker, I noticed I weigh exactly the same as I did in January. To keep from gaining weight is a struggle in this American food culture. It takes massive exercise and continuous dieting.

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