Pre-54 Reflections

This morning, I pondered A Course in Miracles chapter 31.

Text 31.VI:
You see the flesh or recognize the spirit. There is no compromise between the two. If one is real the other must be false, for what is real denies its opposite. There is no choice in vision but this one. What you decide in this determines all you see and think is real and hold as true. On this one choice does all your world depend, for here have you established what you are, as flesh or spirit in your own belief. If you choose flesh, you never will escape the body as your own reality, for you have chosen that you want it so. But choose the spirit, and all Heaven bends to touch your eyes and bless your holy sight, that you may see the world of flesh no more except to heal and comfort and to bless.

And then, while riding my stationary bike, I pondered Miracle principle 33:

Miracles honor you because you are lovable. They dispel illusions about yourself and perceive the light in you. They thus atone for your errors by freeing you from your nightmares. By releasing your mind from the imprisonment of your illusions, they restore your sanity.
A Course in Miracles often asks that I be silent and listen. I\’ll hear the Voice for God. This freedom is what I like about the Course. It is mainly giving tools for freedom. Chapter 31 is the last chapter. It means that by my birthday on Saturday, I\’ll have read the text 8 times.

All I know is I do have far fewer inner turmoil periods and much more inner peace.

On the eve of my birthday, I am doing a 5.4 cross training event. That is, I\’ll go to each of 5 cross training stations in my house for 20 min plus Turkish Get-ups with Windmill will be the 0.4. In between each station, I\’ll do a set on the TRX for a total of 54 reps. Cross training stations are: bike, elliptical, step platform/kettle balls, Versa Climber and Nordic Track.

Then on Saturday and Sunday, I\’ll do my usual miles. If I feel good on Saturday and the weather is ok, I\’ll try for 26. Then I could do 13 on Sunday and call it a reverse Goofy.

Some people lay around eating and drinking on their birthdays. I\’m exactly the opposite.

Lately, I\’ve been getting in more than 2 hours of workout per day (split before work and after work). I get excited about this. I feel a big race growing inside me. Maybe the Prairie Spirit 50 mile race in March will be it. My left heel will always have problems, but it is not bothering me too much right at the moment.


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