HIS unshakeable being to be exact. I ran across those words in ACIM text this morning. Somehow, I thought, \”The only way to keep my life from being a shambles is to join a Higher Power, The Substrate, Unshakeable Being.\”

So, I:
1. open my thoughts to this Self.
2. surrender to this Self.
3. look beyond (ACIM forgiveness).

Well, I am writing this blog right now as I find myself totally entheusiastic about my race this weekend. That is because my heel does not hurt right now. Gahhh! When I feel good, I dream so much. Wow, I can hardly wait: 50k in a forest. Love it! I\’ve spent so much time being worried about this race; only to find that I feel good today.

I burned 720 calories on the elliptic and stationary bike this morning; then went for a 4 mile run outside. And I don\’t hurt. If I could just keep things like that.


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