Happy Birthday

Today is in fact my birthday. I\’m old! 55!

So I went for a 5 mile jog plus 55 min of cross training. It was beautiful in Texas today:

While running, I added up the fact that I ran 7.25 miles yesterday with no bad affects on my post surgery heel; and with the fine day I was having and decided I could do a half marathon. So, I purchased two local races. I also bought some new shoes. I had lunch with a friend. I used up my Sports Authority coupons on kettlebells.

My morning spiritual experience included A Course in Miracles Text:
In you there is a vision that extends to all of them,
and covers them in gentleness and light.
The sun in you has risen and in its light you stand;
quiet, innocent, and wholly unafraid.

Reviewing my life, it occurred to me that in the realm of what I have asked for, there are many \”Request Approved\” and many \”Request Denied.\” First on the list of approved requests is sobriety. My sober life is orders of magnitude better that what a drunken life would have been. also, I have a vibrant spiritual practice, inner peace, fitness, vegetarianism, worldly renunciation and more.


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