Soaring Eagle Spirit

Today, my alarm went off at 5 am. The plan was to go to Brummerhop park for at least 3 hours. But I struggled to get out of bed. I\’m not really sure why as I had slept well. Maybe dread of the heat. But after lolly gagging for about 15 minutes I got up.

Then I did my spiritual study. The thing that caught my attention was that nearly 3 years ago, I written the name of a difficult work colleague and a date by a certain passage in A Course in Miracles text. That person still annoys me. Have I healed or grown at all?

So, at 6:25, I headed out the door with a liter of drink on my back and several more bottles in a cooler; and walked to Brummerhop park. I wasn\’t sure how long I would be there. But it turns out: long.

Clear day, not a cloud in the sky. Days on the Gulf coast are hot to begin with and only get hotter.

During the first hour and a half or so, doing 0.36 mile laps, I was wondering why I do this. I did notice the Silent Presence on at least one of the laps. But then I saw a young bald eagle perched on the very top of a dead tree. I thought, \”My spirit is that eagle.\” Or perhaps the eagle is a message from my higher self assuring me of its loving presence. Anyway, for a few brief minutes, I was free.

Then, the junk slowly continued its way through my head.

But somehow, today was not as hot as I expected. I continued with the walk jog until I got to 55 laps. I averaged 4 mph. Then, I walked 6 more laps to get to 22 miles.


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