Contemplating Ashprihanal

I am a big fan of the 3,100 mile race (Sri Chinmoy). This year, the winner broke the record. Ashprihanal finished in 40 days and 9 hours. After he fnished, they put him iin this float and drove around the course. With him is Grahak, an athlete who dropped out but then spent the rest of his days helping Ashprihanal. And then some guy in a penguin suit.

The athletes who do this race are usually disciples of Sri Chinmoy. Much of their thoughts about the race are about spirituality. Very beautiful transcendental thoughts cross their minds and they share them in a blog. In fact, learning about this race is what got me interested in doing many laps and in the inner runner.

But I also have a friend doing Ironman Canada today. Her first Ironman. Watching the coverage has brought tears to my eyes.

What about me? I did another Gulf Coast sweatfest of 19 miles in just over 5 hours. And this evening, I lifted my free weights. Another 55 mile week.

I swear to God I was attacked by spiritual demons today. My ego (demons) ran completely crazy in fear over an event to take place in my life this Friday. I was on the verge of a real panic attack. I used all of my spiritual training to talk back to the fear and calm it. But I did calm it. I began repeating to myself my version of the Jesus prayer, and asking what ever higher power there is for spiritual help.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, have mercy on me, heal me.

After awhile, I realized I was successful. I did not let the insane part of my brain (ego, demons) run my mentality. It caused me to wonder if I really have been successful at transcending worldly mentality. Maybe I have if I can ward off an attack like that.

In my morning meditation, I was completely blank minded. No uplifting inspiration at all. So I have to contemplate my life in a different way. The demonic panic attack could really be the upliftng spiritual thing I need to pay attention to today.

Seabrook, lovely Seabrook:


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