The Week After

Last weekend, I ran 2 marathons; and the second one was such a fantastic runners high. Next weekend, I entered in another marathon. I really enjoyed The Woodlands last year and wonder how I will do this year.

So this week, I have tried to take it easy. But it seems I still worked out for 14+ hours (includes cross training) and 55 miles. Today I did an easy 3×2 jog walk for 15 miles. I wasn\’t using my best shoes and my legs did still feel a bit fatigued.

I clicked submit this week on a triple marathon. I still don\’t know if I will do the 50 mile distance at Waxahachie. I\’m signed up for the 50 miles. I think I could do it. My mind is not quite onboard.

I am getting stronger. Some weight lifting I can do more reps than I used to be able.

Then there is the worries over spirituality. Why? I can\’t grasp that divine presence. The Awareness of Consciousness is lost. Bleakness abides. Call it depression. Call it old age. Call it business at work. A day of happy marathoning. A morning meditation where I get It. Then hours of days where all is forgotten. I wish. I wish.

But yet, when I still my conscious mind. Love is there. I re-boot. It is just annoying to see my systems crash over and over. Yesterday, at a fellowship meeting, someone was desperate to see me. This week at work, I\’ll become a boss. Being a boss doesn\’t thrill me.


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