Private Marathons

For most people, today is Easter Sunday. I find myself completely off track with what that means. I mean, I can\’t remember what Christianity is really for. The story makes no sense. It doesn\’t connect with me any more.

Now, the Christ within, does make sense. But hardly anyone knows about that.

Instead, I did a 26.3 mile training jog. I did a 26.3 mile training jog yesterday too. I\’m happy with that. I think I will be able to do a 50 mile race in about 5 weeks.

Here is a picture of me from last week\’s marathon race:

This was taken on the Seabrook trails. A place where I spend a lot of time.

Seabrook Lucky Trails

Boy, did I get lucky today. In the zone.

First of all, through some quirk of weather, it did not rain in Seabrook Friday night. But a cold front did pass through so that this morning was actually cool and dry.

Second, this race is a 3 minute drive from my house. No I didn\’t run to the start as there is a highway in between my house and the park. But I went there about an hour early in order to get a parking spot where I wanted. Then, I sat in the car doing some spiritual study. At an appropriate time, I headed to a certain bush to take care of business. Then I walked to the start area and chatted with a friend.

Shivering! Unheard of on Galveston Bay in March. Lovely.

Back up a moment. I didn\’t plan for this marathon to be any kind of fast time for me. In fact, I jog walked 12 miles yesterday as part of a 50 mile race training plan. And my Garmin was set on 6×1; so obviously no plan to be a speed demon today.

But well…..

It was cool. I started running comfortably; which turned out to be 10.5 minute miles. I decided not to take any walk breaks the first lap (4 lap race). I took a pit stop after the first lap just cuz it was there. I kept on going at that pace. Don\’t ask me why. It just felt good. I finished the second lap, half marathon, with another pit stop in 2:15. Whoa!

Third lap, I did start the walk breaks. But I gave myself permission to run as fast as I felt like it during the 6 minute run intervals. During the third lap, I caught up with my friend Robert and walked with him a little. Then buzzed on.

It was incredible. I felt so good. During the last lap, I kept the pressure in. I knew I could finish fast without hurting anything. I did it! A new post surgery, post menopause Personal Best: 4h41 by chip. 4h38 by garmin (doesn\’t have the pit stops). By the chip time, I broke 11 min miles for a marathon. Wow! I never run that fast in training so I don\’t know how I did it today.

Memorable moments: the sunrise over the bay was beautiful, I said hi to several people I knew.

During this race, I decided my fate in December. I signed up again for the Texas marathon. My reward for today was to get a new pair of shoes out of the closet to prepare for my next race.

In Texas, we have alot of marathons and many people who go in as many races as they can. I like to see the regulars: old, slow, fast, determined. I am among them. This year so far, I have finished 6 marathons. Two of these were in the zone and very enjoyable. The other 4 required determination.

Post Marathon Mortem

I\’ve inspected the splits and assessed myself. I\’ve bought a picture from the course photographer. I did a workout yesterday. I got up this morning for work. Marathon weekend over.

I prayed alot this morning about my mental condition. I wish I wasn\’t such a negative person. I wish my head wasn\’t so full of resentments. Spiritual tools are all I have for that problem. I needed a miracle. My work resentments were so powerful all weekend. The miracles I wanted was to let them go. And so this morning, I gleaned power from my spiritual study and took some words to protect me.

After I got to work, I forgot mostly about the slip of paper in my pocket with the words. I also forgot about my resentments. I actually cannot, even now this evening, remember what the big deal was. This is somehow the Course in Miracles way of escaping the dream of fear by overlooking it.

I\’ve been thanking my higher self for that. My request now is for humility and gratitude. And gratitude I can take charge of and complete actions. I can get on my knees, but I don\’t know if I will find humility there. I sense I need ego deflation.

I have a cold. Other than congestion however, I don\’t feel that bad. Only problem is I don\’t feel that much like eating either. So, green stuff didn\’t get cooked. But I ate several mandarin oranges. Yum!

Woodlands Marathon

Last year, this marathon was magic. I felt good and was amazed at my results.  This year it was hard fought. Marathons are like that.

The first half was easy. I ran 11 minute miles. Then it got hot and I tired on long uphill grades in the sun. My result was still better than last year. Though harder to get. I guess working harder feels like that. Looking at the results, everyone, including the first in my category, lost lots of time during the last 8 miles.

Do I go out for a training run tomorrow? (see below, yes I did) That is because I might go in a 50 mile run in May. Or forget the 50 mile run? Why run 50 miles? Good question. I don\’t remember why I signed up.

5 marathons so far this year. Why do I do these? Chasing that magical one; where I\’m in the zone.

Now it is Sunday. I went for a 3 hour jog walk. Carrying a full Nathan, I was just there to enjoy the miles. I pondered the 50 mile race. I could do it. It would hurt. It would be a high experience.

What was more concerning today is my mental condition. I have a head full of work resentments. I keep trying spiritual techniques on them. They go away for a little while then they are back. I need a miracle from my higher consciousness to wipe these things out. Instead, the opposite seems to be happening.

In 2 weeks is my next marathon.  Home town. On dirt.