Woodlands Marathon

Last year, this marathon was magic. I felt good and was amazed at my results.  This year it was hard fought. Marathons are like that.

The first half was easy. I ran 11 minute miles. Then it got hot and I tired on long uphill grades in the sun. My result was still better than last year. Though harder to get. I guess working harder feels like that. Looking at the results, everyone, including the first in my category, lost lots of time during the last 8 miles.

Do I go out for a training run tomorrow? (see below, yes I did) That is because I might go in a 50 mile run in May. Or forget the 50 mile run? Why run 50 miles? Good question. I don\’t remember why I signed up.

5 marathons so far this year. Why do I do these? Chasing that magical one; where I\’m in the zone.

Now it is Sunday. I went for a 3 hour jog walk. Carrying a full Nathan, I was just there to enjoy the miles. I pondered the 50 mile race. I could do it. It would hurt. It would be a high experience.

What was more concerning today is my mental condition. I have a head full of work resentments. I keep trying spiritual techniques on them. They go away for a little while then they are back. I need a miracle from my higher consciousness to wipe these things out. Instead, the opposite seems to be happening.

In 2 weeks is my next marathon.  Home town. On dirt.

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