Leaving the American Dream

My company is offering a buy out. Earlier this week, I got an e-mail saying I was eligible. I felt a sudden surge of joyous energy inside my body; like, \”yes, get out of jail.\” Along with that, I also thought of about 4 business opportunities. Dreams of meaning sprung into place.

So, this morning I began looking at a 30 year financial plan and income prospect plan. It is a doable situation. The picture would look much better if I worked until I was 65, but quitting at 60 is doable. But it is counter-cultural to decide that low on the hog is where you plan to live in order to be off the corporate America grid.

Ponder that if you are a baby boomer or a suburban dweller. The energy and aliveness of the sixties has been swallowed by corporate jobs, mini-vans, white wine, Starbucks and children\’s college educations. What did all of this mean?

Is the purpose of my life just to pad my retirement? Or maybe to have health insurance?Maybe not.

My point is just to think about it. Forgetting the comfy life style which is the hallmark of the American dream could be just the thing my life needs in order for me to be truly alive.

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