Ultra Spirit – #268 Nourishment

#268 Nourishment
As an addict, stop for a moment and think of nourishment. Nourish is a lovely word. Maybe it is time to yearn, to long for nourishment of body, mind and spirit. Not another bag of chips or another TV program or church. Over fed on society\’s food, we are starving.
Feel what it would be like to have an infusion of super food to body, mind and spirit. It comes from within. Feel it filling you
Right now, take down your belief barriers. Stop dis-sing yourself. Feel an infusion of goodness, of inner nourishment coming from the boundary of creative light, new energy just for you.

Brazos Bend 50k

I would like to write a story of gratitude. But first a picture. A picture at the finish to remember the moment.

I got up with the alarm at 3:25. Excellent. No moaning and groaning and not wanting to go. I felt well.

I need to digress on wellness. I\’d like to explain that I do not have the flu. I think my flu shot did the job. I was heavily exposed to a person who did have the flu this week, but didn\’t get it. Or maybe it was just that my higher self did not have \”flu\” on its agenda, but getting stoked on a 50k finish instead.

I did some distracted spiritual focusing, gathered my stuff and drove the hour to the park. Brazos Bend is a beautiful park with many large old trees, and is home to many alligators. Though the gators were mostly hiding today.

The day started out warm, 73F, with a light rain. I started out the first half of the race running 11:30 miles. I got in a little bit of chatting with my friend Donna. But then was on my own. My shirt and pants became soaked. The wind kicked up and the temps started to fall. In my pit stop at half way, I drank an Ensure, and grabbed some more gels and a Clif bar. I debated about grabbing my jacket but decided that since my shirt was wet, I\’d rather the wind dried it. Anyway, it shouldn\’t get that cold. This is Texas.

For the second half, I did 3 x 2s ; that is 3 min run 2 min walk. It was after all a 50k. I started to get cold. The wind kept blowing heavy mist. My shirt stayed wet. At about 21 miles, my drop bag was within a quarter of a mile detour so I went and got it. Wasted a little time, but was glad to warm up. Temperatures had dropped more than 20 degrees.

The last 10 miles are a long out and back. As I get to the turn around, I\’m amazed that even with the walk breaks, I\’m really fast. I wonder if the course is wrong, but it is exactly the same as last year and they do wheel the courses. Well, since it is cold, much colder than last year, I am running very good.

So I come whipping in to the finish in 6:29 clock time, 6:16 garmin time (which doesn\’t include the pit stops). Since I had several pit stops and the detour to get the jacket, the clock time is amazing. And I feel very good. I am just amazed. That is my best 50k time for 8 or nine years (I\’m 59 now).

The day was nice and cool. I was a little rested. Nothing wrong with my feet. I\’ve lost about 4 pounds. My marathon 3 weeks ago was good training. Anyway, I\’m stoked.