Its Green!

Today I went for a run on Line creek trail. 10 miles in chilly sunshine. It was wonderful. It is starting to get green!  Spring is coming!

I\’m still working on my project of re-inventing myself, or Phase III of my life. The writing projects are still moving forward. I have momentum and am finishing little mile-stones I set for myself. Like, I wanted to have a character development piece written in time for this months Writers Group meeting on Monday: done! And a newly written opening scene.

I\’ve also re-started my spiritual writing. I got stuck because I showed one of the paragraphs to a friend and he said, \” Well you shouldn\’t blah blah blah,\” stuff which is main stream. What I realized today was I can\’t stop because of someone\’s opinion. And I should focus on completing the work because my Higher Self has plans for the work; just waiting for me to finish it off.

I have started to contemplate the gift of Starbucks. This little job has taken over a portion of my brain. At my new store, I often spend hours at the drive up window handing out drinks and saying hi to people. I really like it. I am happy. Is Starbucks a distraction from my real mission in life? Or is it part of my re-inventing. I do know that it is changing me; and perhaps keeping me from being depressed.

Other than that, I got a filling replaced this morning. Thanks to Starbucks, I have dental insurance.

I so frequently during each day have time to be appreciative of my life. I\’m so glad I retired early so I could enjoy just being alive. If I accomplish nothing with my writing, that is okay with me. I just appreciate life and being alive and enjoying each day.


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