Everest Revisited

I\’ve been fascinated by the videos of Everest treks 2019, and the huge waiting lines to get to the summit. I know for a fact, I\’d hate it if I had to wait in line behind some slow poke idiot in order to summit Everest. Today I watched a video of a guy who made it up and down. Here is a screen shot from his video which got my attention:

Credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cA4_LLMMl4g

Yes, he climbed Everest and got the tatoo.

But we all have a mountain within. I consider my mountain within frequently. It is the mountain where I meet God. It is a mountain with can be climbed slowly, haltingly, or, on other days, I fly to the top instantly.

I like to imagine inner journeys, journeys into my soul. Paying attention to my soul. Connecting with my soul.

Last night, I slept nearly 10 hours. Today was my first day off in 5 days. 5 days in a row of working at Starbucks can exhaust a person. Especially since I am an opener, getting to work at 4:30 am. I almost never work 5 days in a row, but a couple of people had requested off. So my manager cheated on my schedule by jamming together 4 days one week and another day the next week.

This morning, I ran in Platte Purchase park. I had the whole park to myself. It is a slightly hilly park, but I found my average easy pace with hills is 11.5 min/mile. I\’m really happy with that. The day started out reasonably cool, 72F with some clouds. But by the time I finished, it was closer to 81F and I found myself exhausted. I had to walk the last 0.1 mile up to my car. Awesome!

This afternoon, I did a 3 mile trail hike in the Parkville Nature Sanctuary. Even though the temps were in the 90s, the trail is in a forest, so hiking was not that difficult.


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