A Valley

Here is more of my story. Writing it on this blog might help me figure it out. It relates to Law of Attraction, alignment with my inner being, and finding my way to a new vibration.
Being in a spiritual valley can be a good thing as it causes you to look at what you have been doing and make changes for the future.
Nov 8/9, I ran a 50 mile race. The race it self was an experience of being in the zone. It was so easy to accomplish. And the drive home featured a magnificent sunset which seemed like the Universe winking at me in joy. I mention this because it was the top of a mountain experience. I\’ve since fallen off. 
I took off work the day after the race (Sunday). Monday and Tuesday I had shifts at Starbucks. These turned out to be difficult as my physical resources were largely depleted, and I had a couple of blisters which made time on my feet painful. Also, after a conversation with one of the shift managers, I made my decision to quit working at Starbucks. 
When I talked to the store manager about quitting, she didn\’t want me to quit, especially for my reasons: feeling disrespected and worn out. So, I didn\’t quit, only reduced the number of hours by more than half. But I also had two more weeks of survival mode. Survival mode is how I\’ve survived getting to work at 4:30 am four days a week for the past year. I sort of knew I was in it, but didn\’t consciously ask myself about it. I just did it. Well, survival mode had been feeling worse and worse. Like everyday asking myself, \”How am I going to get through today?\”  As I looked at Thanksgiving week, coming off 4 days of work in a row and going into 3 more days after Thanksgiving, plus going to the monastery for Thanksgiving, I knew I dreaded the whole thing. So I got a cold. Trying to manage the cold and go to work (after Thanksgiving) meant overdosing on cold medicine. Bad mistake. I got a sinus infection.
Now, this week (Dec 2) is the first week of reduced hours, only two shifts of 5.5 hours. I felt free the moment I got out of the last long shift (Tuesday). I felt my focus move from Starbucks to writing and conscious creation. That was yesterday (Wednesday) morning. But, God, my head was still full of gunk, bad gunk. However, the guidance I got from my inner being, since I was meditating instead of going to work, was to look on google for remedies for a sinus infection (since doctors are powerless over virus\’s). I learned about sinus rinsing, and apple cider vinegar. Wild horses could not have stopped me from enacting sinus rinsing. I felt that push of alignment with my inner being. I know, I felt it over an unspiritual thing like a  sinus infection but it really felt like spiritual alignment. I obtained the materials at CVS and have tried it 3 times. Now at least the mucus is fluid and clear.
This morning (Thursday), I finished another chapter of my spiritual writing, four now done. Then I looked at the title page, which I have not looked at for months. I realized that I like the title alot. \”A THOUSAND MEDITATIONS — For Addicts and Other Humans\” I have 3 more chapters to edit and write introductions. That is a bit of work. I feel good about getting it done.
I still think that phase 3 of my life is in a valley, not yet climbing very far up the mountain. I feel much happier with Starbucks off my mind and not a focus. Being sick has caused me to pause. I ask for guidance for each next step. Abraham says,\”I\’ll never get it done.\” This saying means, I am an extension of Source energy, an eternal being, and so there is always more. I want to understand more about being a vibrational being. I have the space in my life to focus on my inner being.
So, I am in a valley but looking forward to climbing another mountain. I don\’t know what the next mountain is, but I know it is there.

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  1. I appreciate your perspective. That valleys are to be expected but you don't seem complacent to just muddle your way through them. I envy your decisiveness and willingness.


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