Letter 4/5/20

In January, I signed up for the Oz marathon. Rats, it was cancelled and they moved us to a virtual race. The rules for the virtual race are nil: you can take however long you want to run 26.2 miles, and they mail your shirt and medal. I found out today, virtual marathons are not for me at this time.

Well, I wasn\’t rested or tapered like I would be for a real marathon.

So today was either a kick ass training run or a virtual marathon DNF. Because, when I get to 22 miles, I always hurt. In a real race I would finish it. In a virtual race? Meh, lets go eat and finish the other 4 miles tomorrow.


I discovered my new favorite fuel: vanilla flavored Carnation Instant Breakfast. Mix two packets with some water and some whole milk. Delightful to chug and keep running.

I am also signed up for a virtual 100 mile run. But it is 10 days to finish 100 miles and you get a belt buckle, hoody, and t-shirt. I thought the buckle was cool looking and would be a good thing to remember 2020 with. I know I can cover 100 miles in 10 days without too much stress.

Starting yesterday morning, there was a very interesting virtual race that got underway. The Quarantine Backyard Ultra had people run 4.17 miles every hour. It was recorded on zoom. They also recruited some elite runners to participate. It is fascinating to watch this race on YouTube. It is now about 35 hours in (145.95 miles) and still 15 people are going. Very inspirational. Some of the guys are running on treadmills so you can watch them all the time and they look really good. the winner is the last man standing. The race goes on until all but 1 person does the last lap.

So, two of my days off work wasted on running, my own and others!

I\’m loving my corona vacation, but it matters alot where you are. In my county, only 23 cases and that number has held steady for days. Across the river, 170 cases with 5 or so deaths. Adjoining counties in Kansas, hundreds of cases. The two nurses who live next door did not want any new face masks.


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