Letter 5/5/2020 – last day of corona-cation

I have been participating in \”stay at home\” for 47 days. Tomorrow that ends as I return to my part time job. I accomplished what I came here to do, that is run, lift weights, reflect, write, get ready for the new normal. I believe the new normal is ready to debut.

The new normal is to wear a new article of clothing: the face mask. To continue to virtually plod across Tennessee. To continue with my simple life style. To continue to improve my conscious contact with that delicious inner consciousness. I have life. I love planet earth. I\’m learning to love others more and more. I appreciate many many more things. I have the ability to choose feeling good about myself. I have the awareness of when my thoughts are resistant and not helping me live in joy. I feel like I\’ve given up a life of complaining or resenting. I believe my life is accomplishing it\’s intended purpose when I choose to feel good about my existence, and ignore the little ego voice thinking I should have accomplished something great. I have tremendous well-being. So much well being than others can\’t understand it, though for me it is normal.

During this corona-cation, I learned how to bake potatoes in the micro-wave. I\’ve returned to my childhood love of drinking cold milk right from the jug. I have a new 100 mile belt buckle.

Either a person gets sick or they don\’t. My mother had cancer three times and attempted suicide twice and never got sober. I have lived totally on the other side of these coins. Sober, healthy, enjoying my ride through planet earth. There were and are a tremendous number of choices and going along with the choices that bring about the joy ride through planet earth. I guess I\’ve been doing it.

I have a future.

Today\’s run:

Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee progress: up to mile 69 of 622:

Here is the whole course map:


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