On Breath

On Monday of this week, a police officer squeezed the life out of George Floyd. George said, \”I can\’t breathe.\”

On Wednesday of this week, on a program called Fresh Air, I heard a man talking about breathing.
On Thursday, I changed my meditation practice to a focus on breathing. 5 counts in, hold 1, and 6 counts out. I experienced a quiet mind.
On Saturday of this week, Abraham Hicks discussed a connection between the focal point of George Floyd and Corona virus. They were pointing at blame. The Corona virus is very diffuse in its killing, but it has squeezed the life out of hundreds of thousands of people. Who do we blame for Corona? The killing of George is very specific, but still a squeezing of life out of a person. Certainly we can blame that policeman, or police in general. Our president is a blamer. 
But blaming someone for my life doesn\’t help it. Only I can help my life. I continue to breathe. I am reading a book on Zen meditation. Zazen is just a practice and each moment of life is part of the practice. There is no end or goal for the practice. Zazen is just practice. I keep breathing and doing my practice.
All of these deaths are about breathing. All of these souls went into ecstasy the instant after they gave up their non-physical life.
I take responsibility for my own life. I practice Zazen and breathe. I practice giving up my life.
I wear a face mask at work. It makes breathing more difficult. 

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