Exciting Times

May 1st began the Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee. The course was 635 miles from a lower western side of the state to the very tip of the state on the eastern side. As of yesterday, I\’d completed 603 miles.

Wow !
Today I walked 6 miles. That leaves 25 more miles. I\’m planning to do all those miles on Sunday in the form of a virtual marathon. A marathon to celebrate Virtuality. Vitality! 
A part of my brain believed that this virtual race is really a race and I should put as much as I could into it. And, whenever I am not at work, I really have nothing to do except go for walks. That\’s why I have finished 2 months before the deadline. Essentially, I did as many miles as I could for the past 2 months. I am really astonished at the number of miles I have completed. 
Only lost one toenail.  😁
I\’ve loved almost all the miles. I love both the pathways through the forests and the pathways across wide open prairie. 
I don\’t know how to stop. So, I signed up for another virtual race which starts in the middle of July. It is a short one however: 4 different distances to be completed during a 7 day span. The challenge is that one of the distances is 50k. I\’ll have to get up early and try to get some big miles before it gets too hot.
I am putting my memorabilia from virtual races up on a wall. I want to remember this year of pandemic.

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