New Life

 Butterflies are transformed beings.

Last Friday I had the very wonderful opportunity to meet with some friends in a park. From where I sat, I could see this sculpture of butterflies. It reminded me of new life. I was embarking on a new life.

I am newly unemployed, by my choice, having decided that my job at Starbucks was too dangerous during the pandemic. Since I quit my job, I could now meet with wonderful people and have interesting conversations.

Now I am free! I think that when I quit my career 2 years ago, I wasn\’t ready to be free. But now, I think I am. I know what I want to do and am doing it. I want to be a writer and I have more pieces in place now to be successful on a day to day basis. I mean, I now have the ability to focus and actually write for a few hours every day. 

In the above sculpture, butterflies are abundant. Abundance is how I feel about my life. Abundance in every area. All my cylinders are firing and there are eight of them not four. Eight cylinders is a lot of power. I feel inner power and outer power.

I have spent my life in transformation. The work was required for emotional healing. But now, I am out of the cocoon and ready to fly, able to fly, flying. 


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