Letter 10/5/20

 Dear Friends,

This evening, the president of the United States is saying how much fun the corona virus is, while sucking up drugs unavailable to the rest of us, unapproved by insurance companies. Meanwhile, in the interest of keeping myself safe of the corona virus, I quit my job.

I am finally Starbucks free, after nearly 2 years. I\’ve cooked thousands of bacon goudas, brewed thousands of batches of coffee, taken out thousands of bags of trash containing near a million plastic milk jugs. Lugged thousands of buckets of ice from the back of the store to the front of the store. I\’ve been obeying the orders of 23 year olds. Getting up at 3 in the morning to be at work at 4:30. It was humiliating, but I\’m also proud of it. The job ripped my psyche in two. What is a millionaire doing working here, like this, in such humiliating circumstances? But look, I\’m 61 years old and doing all this heavy lifting, time on my feet and keeping up with these babies I work with. 

So, it was awful and also great. But now I\’m more ready to do what I retired to do: be a writer, scholar and athlete. I\’m finally ready to live the non-corporate life implied by these activities. I\’m determined to read Jean Paul Sartre whether the world knows anything about it or not. I\’m determined to complete my leg lifts and bicep curls because it matters to me.

I\’m entered in a real race on 10/31. First non-virtual race this year. I\’m excited.

It is a beautiful time of the year. The trees are turning to fall. The weather has been clear and coolish.

Wear your mask and wash your hands. You are not the president of the united states but a single person responsible for yourself. No helicopter is coming to take you to the hospital.

Two snakes coiled together in the leaves:


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