Polar Retreat Day 7

 Today was too cold outside for running, even though it was sunny for half the day.  The sun was beautiful and it shone in the windows. But since it is clear now, it will be even colder tonight, tomorrow and Monday. It is a little windy too. Today\’s temperature was 40degF below normal. 

So I ran 13 miles on the treadmill. During this run, I listened to the Senate impeachment proceedings. Are you a Republican? Then face the fact that you are a Trump Republican. There is no other kind anymore. Maybe you are happy with that. 

I will probably walk some on the treadmill this evening, just because, bored. I watched a good deal of the Black Canyon ultras because they had a live feed all day. It was amazing to see so much coverage of a 62 mile race in the Arizona desert. The winners of this race get Golden Tickets to the Western States 100 mile race. 

I also bought myself a two hour Abraham broadcast. It was amazing how Abraham answered the questions I had for non-physical, my Inner Being. I\’ve been listening to Abraham for several years. I\’m realizing how this world is about vibration. I will probably listen to the broadcast again tomorrow since I\’ll be inside all day again. It might snow a little just to add to our predicament. 

I have an English paper to write. Books to read. Books to write. 


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