POVERTY OF SPIRIT — Reflection 8.42

            “It is when man, in the poverty of his worshiping spirit, treads before the face of God’s freedom, into the mystery of that impenetrable ‘Thou’—it is then that he finds access to the depths of his own Being and worth” (Thomas Metz, Poverty of Spirit, page 52).

            To feel better, which is what I really want, it is best to go inside, not out. Outward, there is fleeting fun, like getting a fix for my addictions. Inward, there is stability and inspiration.

            Inward is “the face of God’s freedom” and “the mystery of that impenetrable Thou” and my own Being and worth. Don’t ignore these things or throw them away. I bring my ego self to bear on them consciously: in the poverty of my worshiping spirit, I tread before the face of God.

Photo by Darius Krause on Pexels.com

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