Birthday Training Camp

Running in January

It is January in the midwest. A south wind is blowing, so temperatures have risen today, and for the next 2 days. On January 1, 2022, it snowed about 1.5 inches but then was brutally cold for a week so the snow turned to ice and stayed around everywhere. Yesterday, it got above freezing. Today, 57F. So n0 ice.

I used to do really big runs on my birthday, like run my age in kilometers. But 63K is a bit longer than I care to do in one day. But I have 3 days with no commitments and warm weather: training camp! Today I ran 16.4 miles in the sun on the flat dirt of English Landing Park. I feel really good. I’ll be back tomorrow.

Other news. Three months ago, I got a cashier job at a health food grocery, Sprout’s. This week, I got promoted to vitamin clerk. I’m really excited about this as herbal remedies are important for our future health. Like, I’ve been studying what many of the herbs, oils, and minerals actually do. I’m also able to help people find what they need. Like, zinc gluconate and not zinc citrate; and other interesting facts.

I’ve also happened on some new spiritual and psychological information from a couple of sources. I am growing emotionally and spiritually. I’m feeling very good about myself and my life. I am more in touch with the person I was born to be. My hair is turning brown and I am getting younger.

Fly Over Country

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  1. Rita D'Angelo says:

    Sounds like you have found the fountain of youth graced by the wisdom of age, a perfect storm! Happy belated birthday!


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