Spirituality Engineer Style

I am in a hotel in Boise Idaho. I slept in!

Here is my morning reflection:

I think of each person as an energy bundle which manifests as their life and activities. The vast majority have an average energy manifestation. If you integrate the energies, you might get more or less a bell curve. If you take the Fourier Transform, a spiritualized filter, you get an entirely different picture. The transformed spiritual filter is the truth of the Son of God (us) and what God created (love). The untransformed picture (humans being afraid, angry, prideful, selfish, cruel, sick and dying) is what the tiny mad idea I call ego made as its domain apart from God where it could rule instead of God. The point of a spiritual life, and dedication to transcendence, is to see the transformed picture and live with a spiritual consciousness. It is a different way of being alive which is much happier and extends its joy to others.

I look at myself and see differences in my health, fitness, philosophy, socialization, etc., from most other people. I see that in the un-integrated untransformed world, my energy rests off the peak of the bell curve, at one end of it. This dissociation from the norm feels like friction between me and others as my behavior doesn’t fit in with normal life. People want others to fit in with them; hence peer pressure, hence the uncomfortable feelings. I do not worry too much any more about how I feel. As I recognize that my life is a symptom of transcendence and as I actualize the spiritual consciousness in the world, the whole thing becomes happy. And then God lives both in the transformed picture and the untransformed ego picture through me. I become a bridging thought, a flow path. I live on a wave length which shifts the whole energy curve.

In the final analysis: this energy is Jesus. This light is the Christ, the holiness and spiritual innocence which lives in all of us and which I strive to see.