Win A Trip to Missouri!

Ok, so I want to go to Springfield Missouri to run a 50k race: The Frisco 50 on April 28. But since this involves airplane tickets, rental car and hotel costs, I need to make sure my body can handle a walk jog effort of 7+hours. So here is my challenge, given that Saturday\’s weather is supposed to be good.

Friday night, complete 2 hours of some type of activity (combo of my ex-machines or laps in Brummerhop park). This is not to unusual for me anyway.

Saturday, complete 6 hours of something, preferably walking and jogging in Meador Park. I\’ll wear my Garmin, but the miles are not important. Its only important to see if I keep going, then I know I have the blessing of a strong inner desire.

If I have the mental fortitude to complete Saturday, and my legs are in decent shape, I win. I\’ll immediately go to Southwest Airlines and book a flight, then go to and sign up for the race. and, additional reservations and notifications as needed.