Got Being?

If you know you have Being, then you don\’t need anything else.

It is the weekend. Dr Hot Dustin has worked some miracles on my left calf and ankle. Even fang is not bothering me. There will be a few miles tomorrow and Sunday, plus cross training. But not too much since I have a marathon in San Antonio on the 4th.

It is so freaking good to NOT be in massive pain all.the.time.

This evening, I am cross training plus TRX-ing. What a great way to do intervals.

I think about generating spiritual energy, and the sense of endlessness flows through me.

Drink plain water.

Eat bread.

Juggle the kettle bells.

Endure transcend love.

83 hours including 187 miles so far in June. The goal for the weekend is to get to 90 hours.


Small Beginnings

New Years Day – I slept late, til 8 am. Not because I stayed up late but because I was tired.

I spent my New Years evening watching U-Tube videos of people doing Turkish Getups with Kettlebells. This is my new fitness fanaticism. I can barely do a Turkish Getup with no kettlebell let alone 5 lbs. But I am going to work on it every day up until March 22 when I fly off to a race in Missouri.

Today I had a two part workout which left me feeling fabulous. First a high intensity cross training session for 75 min. Then 2 hours doing laps around Brummerhop Park. While in Brummerhop park, I mentally ripped the 2012 page out of my world. Now, today is just today. Start over. Keep going.

Here are small beginnings:

In 12 months, I hope it looks similar to this:

I\’ve been in Texas a year. It was a year of transition. It is possible that it was the best year of my life.