Got Being?

If you know you have Being, then you don\’t need anything else.

It is the weekend. Dr Hot Dustin has worked some miracles on my left calf and ankle. Even fang is not bothering me. There will be a few miles tomorrow and Sunday, plus cross training. But not too much since I have a marathon in San Antonio on the 4th.

It is so freaking good to NOT be in massive pain all.the.time.

This evening, I am cross training plus TRX-ing. What a great way to do intervals.

I think about generating spiritual energy, and the sense of endlessness flows through me.

Drink plain water.

Eat bread.

Juggle the kettle bells.

Endure transcend love.

83 hours including 187 miles so far in June. The goal for the weekend is to get to 90 hours.


A Season of Contemplation – Pain


The extrovert says to the solitary, “Come to our party. Get out of yourself.” The solitary goes to the party, listens to chatter, watches people eat and drink and disappear into private carnal sharing. The solitary goes home to solitude and seeks that inner peace.

Humans are in pain and most of our activities are coverings for the pain. Pain is found behind the building of big houses, having business conquests, going in more and greater running races, being devout in religion and taking the kids to soccer games. The introvert is likely to notice the pain behind social interaction, be conscious of it and retreat from the distraction. Pain is an uncovered and conscious reality for the solitary. The purpose of spirituality is to heal the pain at its root; not by ignoring it in social interaction.

My pain is healed when I connect to my soul. My soul is within and the pain is in fact the disconnection from this inner light. My spiritual work and my athletic work are meant to bring about my joining with my soul and the healing therein. My job, as I see it, is to let the pin surface and turn inward to the peace. As I maintain inner peace, it opens a door for light. I project this light into the world. That is it, nothing more. Peace and light is my truth and who I am.