Piney Woods 10 Mile Trail Run 2012

Two weeks ago, I went in a 10 mile trail race at Lake Houston Park. It was really fun and the photographers got some great shots. I bought 2 of them. They are totally perfect in sharpness and color; but my scanner didn\’t do too well copying them. Anyway, here I am.



In A Course in Miracles, forgiveness means: it never happened. See, this world is a dream, an illusion. So nothing we think happened really did happen.

It means my true existence is in the peace of God. So there is no need to react to anything which my ego seems upset about.

Every day, someone steps on my toes, or I step on theirs. Daily I feel my ego flare up in anger and fear. But really, if I remember ACIM forgiveness, I am able to quickly let it go. It never happened. When I feel in my heart a true belief that I let it go, I feel totally free.

Why would I want to spend a life time, 80 or more years, gathering annoyances, beliefs that other people did me wrong?

Today was another beautiful Texas day. I went in a 10 mile trail race.

I ran really well, finishing in 1h51 min.

Here\’s a picture of my growing shrine to myself: