Post Marathon Mortem

I\’ve inspected the splits and assessed myself. I\’ve bought a picture from the course photographer. I did a workout yesterday. I got up this morning for work. Marathon weekend over.

I prayed alot this morning about my mental condition. I wish I wasn\’t such a negative person. I wish my head wasn\’t so full of resentments. Spiritual tools are all I have for that problem. I needed a miracle. My work resentments were so powerful all weekend. The miracles I wanted was to let them go. And so this morning, I gleaned power from my spiritual study and took some words to protect me.

After I got to work, I forgot mostly about the slip of paper in my pocket with the words. I also forgot about my resentments. I actually cannot, even now this evening, remember what the big deal was. This is somehow the Course in Miracles way of escaping the dream of fear by overlooking it.

I\’ve been thanking my higher self for that. My request now is for humility and gratitude. And gratitude I can take charge of and complete actions. I can get on my knees, but I don\’t know if I will find humility there. I sense I need ego deflation.

I have a cold. Other than congestion however, I don\’t feel that bad. Only problem is I don\’t feel that much like eating either. So, green stuff didn\’t get cooked. But I ate several mandarin oranges. Yum!