Honesty and Integrity, Anti-corruption

 Here is an article in The Atlantic that interviews Adam Kinzinger. Adam is one of the Republicans who stood up to Trump. And he makes a point that the other Republicans are afraid of losing their jobs, so they don\’t stand up to Trump. I totally agree. As a person who had to quit a job over ethical matters, and whose career in process safety meant dealing with ethical matters on a daily basis, I say to those frightened Republicans, put on your big boy pants. Stop lying. Also, Trump is busily TURNING more legislators, somehow blackmailing or bribing them to obey him. We need to stop this. 

Check out a new movement. I joined it. www.Country1st.com

Democrat or Republican, bring back integrity to legislators. And don\’t vote for any Trump syncophants. 

A golden Trump image = Disgusting!


Adam kinzinger is a liberated individual—liberated from his party leadership, liberated from the fear of being beaten in a primary, liberated to speak his mind. The 43-year-old representative was one of 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach Donald Trump for inciting the attack on the U.S. Capitol.

“I don’t have a constitutional duty to defend against a guy that is a jerk and maybe says some things I don’t like,” Kinzinger told me, explaining what had pushed him to finally break with the president. “I do when he’s getting ready to destroy democracy—and we saw that culminate on January 6th.”

This was the sort of language a number of Republicans used in the immediate aftermath of the riot. “The president bears responsibility for Wednesday’s attack on Congress by mob rioters,” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said on January 13. But by the end of the month, McCarthy was traveling hat in hand to Mar-a-Lago to meet with Trump.

“I was really pissed—I wasn’t surprised, but I was really upset,” Kinzinger said. “And to have seen it in just such a short amount of time go from ‘Donald Trump bears blame’ to ‘I’m going to go down and kiss the ring’ because you want to win your speakership. I mean, really? It’s that important? For what?”

In Kinzinger’s view, McCarthy’s Florida trip was an act of betrayal by a man who was supposed to put the interests of his own caucus—and of the country—first. “Starting about eight months ago, I noticed that he was never interested in defending [House Republicans] … He would throw us under the bus and defend Donald Trump,” he said. “And that was just more of what this is. And then [Minority Whip] Steve Scalise goes down” to Mar-a-Lago, two weeks later. One by one, most of the leaders of his party knuckled under—but not Kinzinger.

“I just refuse to bow.”

Kinzinger is a man on a mission; he sees politics not merely as a way to gain power but as an arena that tests character. In 2008, he watched John McCain run for president. “He said, ‘I would rather lose an election than lose a war.’ I admired that.” Inspired, Kinzinger ran for Congress in 2010, and won.

Like McCain, Kinzinger served in the military before entering national politics. He joined the United States Air Force in 2003 and flew missions in, among other places, Afghanistan and Iraq. He’s still a pilot, now a lieutenant colonel in the Air National Guard. Military service “made me a much better person in terms of being able to relate to people,” he told me.

“I think any time you fight for something bigger than you, that is life-changing. I think any time you are willing to put your life on the line for something, that’s life-changing.” That belief, he continued, is “the thing that has always driven me, ever since I’ve gotten into politics.” He’s attracted to the idea of voluntary national service, because like military service, it takes people from different life backgrounds and life experiences and creates bonds, mutual understanding, and greater unity.

Kinzinger’s political stance—his willingness to criticize the most popular and feared figure in his party, when the overwhelming majority of his colleagues have either gone silent or defended the ex-president’s indefensible actions—can’t be understood apart from his military service.

“Because we ask [service members] to die for the country, we have to be willing to do the same thing. But”—here he turned incredulous—“we’re too scared to vote for impeachment, because we’re going to lose our job? Like, seriously?”

For most of Kinzinger’s colleagues, the answer is: Yes, seriously. When I asked Kinzinger how many Republican votes there would have been in favor of impeachment if it had been a secret ballot, he told me 150. Instead, there were only 10.


Polar Retreat Day 7

 Today was too cold outside for running, even though it was sunny for half the day.  The sun was beautiful and it shone in the windows. But since it is clear now, it will be even colder tonight, tomorrow and Monday. It is a little windy too. Today\’s temperature was 40degF below normal. 

So I ran 13 miles on the treadmill. During this run, I listened to the Senate impeachment proceedings. Are you a Republican? Then face the fact that you are a Trump Republican. There is no other kind anymore. Maybe you are happy with that. 

I will probably walk some on the treadmill this evening, just because, bored. I watched a good deal of the Black Canyon ultras because they had a live feed all day. It was amazing to see so much coverage of a 62 mile race in the Arizona desert. The winners of this race get Golden Tickets to the Western States 100 mile race. 

I also bought myself a two hour Abraham broadcast. It was amazing how Abraham answered the questions I had for non-physical, my Inner Being. I\’ve been listening to Abraham for several years. I\’m realizing how this world is about vibration. I will probably listen to the broadcast again tomorrow since I\’ll be inside all day again. It might snow a little just to add to our predicament. 

I have an English paper to write. Books to read. Books to write. 

Polar Retreat Day 6

 It was colder and windier outside today. So I didn\’t go running outside. Instead, I used my elliptical, ski machine, rowing machine, and ex-bike, plus lifting weights. Some chores even got done. Tomorrow, I plan to run on the treadmill.

While working out, I listened to Trump\’s defense lawyers. If that was the only side of the matter I ever heard, I\’d believe that Trump was an angel. Good thing that I am currently a college rhetoric student so that I can judge the sophists of both sides of the argument. Both sides edit films and quote people out of context. One really needs to question the data of both sides.

Today is Friday. This weekend is to be below zero degrees Fahrenheit, plus maybe some snow Sunday or Monday. But then Tuesday the temperature start to climb to more reasonable highs, like +10 degreesF. 

Patience. Patience. I purchased an Abraham Hicks live broadcast for tomorrow afternoon. I have English writing to do. I\’ve been working on my own book. 

I appreciate that my heating works. I have food. I have books. I have the internet and electronic devices. I appreciate my exercise equipment. I appreciate Amazon for bringing stuff to my door. I appreciate my garage which is keeping my car from getting radically cold. I appreciate thought provoking English assignments. Overall, I am doing really well, even if slightly more confined than I want to be. This too shall pass.

Polar Retreat Day 4

 I just watched the 13 minute video of Trump\’s mob storming the capitol on January 6. It is very disturbing but I suggest everyone watch it. I fully believe that Trump needs to be held accountable (ie punished) for his lies and instigation of violence. 

Yesterday\’s exercise: 60 minutes on elliptical, 35 minutes running really fast on the treadmill, 75 minutes walking uphill on the treadmill.

I attended my philosophy class via zoom last night. Then I watched my usual 2 podcasts related to ultra-running. Looking forward to the Black Canyon Ultra this weekend. It is to be live-streamed. Several big names going for golden tickets. 

This morning I noticed that the roads in the complex were mostly dry, though salt covered. It was 10degF and not too windy. So I ran laps around the complex for 8.4 miles. I am very happy with that. 

I wasn\’t able to get right to sleep last night so I did some reading. I still woke up at 7 though. 

I am pretty much at peace with the solitude. I wish it was a little warmer, or that no more snow was forecast, but otherwise, my life is sort of normal. Thinking, writing, reading, running. I am getting tired of the book \”Caste\” because there are only so many stories of whites brutalizing blacks that I am interested in reading. I did read an interesting proposal this morning which sort of explains Trump\’s working-class white mob. A moment of, \”Oh, that\’s why they follow him.\” But also, I should stop and reflect that had I been the wife of a Southern white in 1950, I probably would have stood around and watched lynchings, hoping no one noticed me. It is true that most of us would have supported Hitler had we been German. 

How do you step outside the mainstream, the mob, and stand for peace and equality? Well, I guess you pay the price of violence to your physical apparatus. 

Day by day, my older friends are texting out that they got the shot. I\’m happy for them. It is easy to become a tad bit annoyed knowing that I won\’t be eligible to get a shot for months. But then I remember to celebrate well being. I have incredible good health and well being. I celebrate that I am not in one of the sickly groups who go to the head of the line. I\’m 62 years old and I ran 8 miles at 11 minutes per mile in the bitter cold this morning. Celebrate. Drink another green tea.

Picture of a bare salty road in the complex:

Today\’s weather. 

For Posterity\’s Sake

 The President of the United States does not concede the election but he does do the right thing and release the GSA to do its job (note, the bottom tweet came first):

It is only 20 days since the election and 16 days since it was clear that Biden won.
I\’m not a Trump fan. But if he wasn\’t such a gross criminal and immoral person, just covered up a little, he would have won the election.
Even kindergarteners know how to play nice.

Dear American

It is day 16 of the 52 days allowed for the 3,100 Self Transcendence Race. Three of 10 people are above 1,000 miles. Wow! What a lot of perseverance, endurance, tears, loss of sleep, discipline and unswerving focus on moving forward.

Dear American, say to your government and the media, \”Not my soul.\” By this I mean, be that high integrity person which you are and don\’t allow the shortcoming of the government distract you from your personal worth. To engage in quiet dis-ing of the president and hating the health care struggle is to sell your soul. I am mainly speaking to that large quiet group of people who go to work and pay taxes. We fund everything. We take up the yoke of work which is our embodiment of honor and integrity.

Now or never, stand up for yourself. Discover your slave narrative and overcome it; then vote for people who have integrity. Not the ones who merely lie. Hate the cost of health care? Do what you need to do to be healthy. Stand outside the pale by engaging emotionally only what brings worth and integrity. You have to pay your taxes but you don\’t have to be begrudging. Hold the hand of a small child. Take a walk in the neighborhood. Wash the car. Mow the lawn. Do your job. All these little things comprise your personal 3,100 mile self transcendence race.

Are you an alcoholic or an addict? Let today be the day you do something else.
Do you eat too much? Let today be the day you are free to do something else.
I personally engage in self punishment and self sabotage, despite being a very successful person.

Today is my day to do what I know is right. My mental self immolation can change direction. Today I make the declaration of independence and start to live it. Do you doubt I can be more emotionally free starting today? Will I slip? Yes. Will I forget? No. Will I keep on the course of my personal 3,100 mile self transcendence race? Absolutely. I have all the thoughts necessary for healing and moving forward.  I think this has been going on for a long time, but today I feel empowered. I don\’t feel helpless or hopeless in relation to my seeming emotional flaws. I don\’t feel the usual hate towards the world around me. I feel good towards myself. Freedom is ringing in my body, mind and spirit.

We the people of America are damn good people; but we need to stand up and be what we are. We need to stop the government from robbing of of our great nation. That is what we really want.

Can\’t Afford It

Yesterday evening I was thinking about dopamine. I was reading an article about how cell phone apps are programmed to trigger certain brain responses and encourage fixation on checking the phone. This linked up in my mind to our nation\’s, and my own, obsession with Trump entertainment. That is, the media are marketing moral outrage and something in our brain loves it.

I think it is my negative ego which loves all the controversy. I get some sort of dopamine pleasure by reading about the battles in politics with Trump. But I don\’t think I can afford to carry on this chemical pleasure; and it surely is a type of porn and addiction.

So today I drove to work in silence. My beloved NPR has been shut off. I thought about what I wanted to think about. Some of my thoughts are work related. But also I thought about what my spiritual work has produced in me. One of the themes of my spiritual work is \”conscious contact with a power greater than myself.\” One of the requirements of conscious contact with a higher power is consciousness itself. That is, I must accept consciousness in totality. As soon as I am conscious, then I am aware of my dirty little secrets, like taking pleasure from the Trump bashing. And so I must do something about myself.

I have the spiritual tools. More about what I will do will be coming forth. Starting Sunday is the 3,100 Mile Self Transcendence Race (google it). Annually I use these days for my own self transcendence. Some people have Lent. I have self transcendence.

By the way, the last time I shut off the news for years was when Clinton was president and I decided not to listen to any testimony about Monica Lewinsky.

I am a member of the silent majority. I go to work and pay taxes. No matter who is in Washigton, they want my money.