Lesson 195

I ordered this photo from Sporting Image:

I don\’t have the non-watermarked photo yet, but I couldn\’t wait to post this picture. I am tanned and ripped and look\’en good. I\’m 53 years old and I look like that!

This morning, I opted for the elliptical for most of my workout. So I had my day\’s psalm taped to the console and I memorized the thoughts. Then I could close my eyes and just recite them in my mind. After the last one, I put silence into my mind, mentally standing with Love.

Lesson 195 Psalm:
Love is the way I walk in gratitude.
My gratitude _ has room for all.
Stop comparing and my hatred is forgotten.
The Thought God holds of me is beyond idols.
I am willing once again to hear Love\’s Voice.

The thing about gratitude that most of us don\’t really get is that we should only be grateful for the universal Love of God; which applies equally to all. God Himself doesn\’t send special blessings to anyone.

Line 3 about \”stop comparing\” has let me off the hook. Since I got kicked out of a religious order (essentially because I was too good for them), I\’ve still wondered and tried to compare holiness. Am I holy if I am not a professed religious? Does Jesus love me as much since I have no credentials and I don\’t live in a convent or wear holy garb and have to drive a car to a job every day?

It is soooo difficult for my ego to not have the trappings of specialness provided by religious life. But spiritual progress requires finding God as \”one of\” not special.


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