July Vacation Part 2

Last night I got home from 4 days in Colorado. It was nice; but I am freaking glad to be home. I can take much better care of myself here; especially in the making of green smoothies. And I have 5 more days to ponder the meaning of life.

But as a student of A Course in Miracles, I have to accept that the dream level of life is meaningless and I give it up. What I want most is to remember Him. Going around in this dream and trying to satisfy my desire for Him will never succeed. But I can imagine accepting the Holy Spirit\’s purpose and mine; giving up my ego\’s. ACIM practice of forgiveness does bring satisfaction. It is joining rather than separating; and so I remember Him.

I realized, while jogging along a bike path after my Copper Mountain half marathon, that the enlightened people are the ones who go to work and take care of business. We fall for the gurus because they seem to have something more special than we do. If we give up specialness, we realize that paying the bills and getting the car fixed is no different than these supposedly monumental achievements and emotional experiences we see others have. And this is true because paying the bills is divorced from the dopamine reward cycle. Living life apart from dopamine rewards defeats the ego and helps me to live in truth.

Now, it is time for me to go upstairs and stand on a foam pad, practicing my balance.


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